Research Projects

Intergenerational Care Project

The Intergenerational Care Project is a research project conducted by Griffith University on the Gold Coast, Australia. Funded by Dementia and Aged Care Services (DACS), this project officially commenced in June 2017 and ran for a period of two years. This project is based on three years of background research including policy analysis, systematic review of current programs, a Delphi study on preferences for models of care and a feasibility study into the demand for intergenerational care in the Australian context.

Western Australia Intergenerational Practice Pilot

In order to better understand and respond to the needs of older Australians living independently, Griffith University researchers partnered with Western Australian not-for-profit community organisations to conduct a Wellness survey.

The Griffith Well-being Survey, part of the Western Australia Intergenerational Practice Pilot, explores the level of well-being experienced by older people living independently, especially in terms of loneliness and resilience in the current climate. The aim of the well-being survey is to explore the general state of well-being of older people in Australia during COVID-19.

Intergenerational Learning Australia

The program to reduce social isolation, loneliness and boredom of elders during the Covid-19 lockdowns, stems from a program titled, “Intergenerational Learning using Video Conferencing”. It enables meaningful connection and learning between students in a classroom and elders living in an aged care home. Since August 2019, this program has continued on a regular basis during each school term.

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